Exciting New Training Opportunity – Biller Portal Hands-On Training

Published 1/5/2023

One key component to being successful with the InvoiceCloud payment platform is dependent upon you and your team being comfortable in the product – knowing where to go to support your organization and knowing where to go to be able to support your customers. The InvoiceCloud Training Team wants to help you be successful!

In addition to the Customer Experience, Biller Experience and Reconciliation and More trainings that we offer, we are pleased to announce that beginning on January 26, 2023, we will offer an instructor-led Biller Portal Hands-On Training. During this small group, 90-minute session we will work together exploring the Biller Portal. While the primary focus will be on how you can quickly and easily support your customers in the Biller Portal, we’ll also explore menus that allow you to support your organization as well.

We will provide you with login credentials to our demo site, and a customer to work with in advance of the class. To ensure the best learning experience, we strongly recommend that you attend the Biller Experience training prior to registering for the hands-on class as this interactive session is dependent upon you having Biller Portal background knowledge.

As always, this training is offered to you free of charge, and is available to anyone within your organization. Sessions are held twice monthly – Click here to enroll.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].