See what Venmo can do for your business

Let your customers pay bills with Venmo – a popular social payment app used by over 60 million people.* Consumers love to use Venmo. On average, they open the app 2-3x a week.** 65% of Venmo customers claim to have increased their online purchasing behavior in the past 6 months.***

Now customers can pay their bills the same way they Venmo friends. And with a large audience of users, Venmo can be a great way to simplify payments and connect with customers.  

Venmo gives you: 

  • Fast billing
  • Efficient collections
  • Scalable payments options

With Venmo, your payers will pay with ease, confidence, security…and:

  • Save time on checks and stamps
  • Conveniently pay a bill with their mobile device
  • Track payments with email receipts 

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*PayPal Internal Data –Q2, 2020
**Venmo blog: a guide to Venmo etiquette, June 2019
***Focus Vision, Commissioned by PayPal. October 2020. Includes 2,217 Venmo customers’ financial habits, purchasing behaviors and perceptions of Venmo as a payment tool