Paperless billing is a win-win

This self-service feature benefits you and your staff, as well as your payers. You both save time previously spent mailing bills and processing payments, and you both save money on postage (among other costs).

Average monthly paperless registrations across all InvoiceCloud clients have increased 83% since last year, and we attribute that to the continued promotion of paperless benefits.

Our goal is to create opportunities for you to communicate the benefits of paperless billing to your payers. One way to reach payers who have already paid online is through the invoice notification emails that are sent to payers when a bill is due.

Currently, 43% of payers who receive an invoice notification email from InvoiceCloud are registered for paperless. The others may be paying online, but still receiving a paper bill, and either filing it away or throwing it out. To change that behavior, we encourage you to add a marketing message to these emails. You can customize these in the biller portal. Find detailed instructions in the Marketing Tips Archive.

It’s important to promote paperless all year round and to use multiple forms of communication to reach as many of your payers as possible. Visit the Marketing Resource Center for more ideas and downloadable assets that can assist you in educating and communicating with your payers about the self-service features available to them.

Need access to the Marketing Resource Center? Email us at [email protected].