Make It Easy for Residents to Pay for Non-Invoiced Items and Miscellaneous Services

No invoice, no problem – with Cloud Store!

Do you ever wish there was a way for your residents to pay for things like dog licenses, building permits and the like – electronically? There is!

Cloud Store enables your residents to pay for services that don’t have invoices, online. Residents select the non-invoiced services/items they would like to pay from your payment portal menu, which are listed along with invoiced items. And, you can view payment activity in your Biller Portal.

What does that mean for you and your staff?

  • Less time handling walk-in traffic
  • Fewer questions by adding customized instructions or details about the services that can be paid online
  • Flexible form fields that capture data specific to each type of service
  • Decreased manual data entry and correction time
  • Payment data files can be uploaded into your payment software system
  • Reports that cover all aspects of the payment process – simply select one, choose a filter and download to Excel

What does that mean for your residents?

  • No additional onsite visits or checks to write for occasional services
  • Ability to order or pay for items simultaneously – with credit card or e-check
  • Quick payments on their preferred device, anytime, anywhere
  • Peace of mind that their data is secure – with PCI compliant encryption
  • An email confirmation of their payment for tracking purposes

While your residents will most likely never look forward to paying for bills or services, making it easier for them, will also make it easier for you! If you’re interested in making the option of paying for non-invoiced items and miscellaneous services available online, contact Mike Jacobs at 617-543-1913 or [email protected].