Welcome to 2019

Wow! In 2018, we (you and Invoice Cloud) made great strides in increasing payment convenience for customers. And, that shows in the uncommon rates of adoption you are achieving.


Because you fuel adoption by providing options like:

  • Easy-to-use invoice view and payment capability for non-registered payers
  • Paperless sign up and AutoPay enrollment during the payment route
  • Easy click the box options that appear on payment screens mean payers don’t have to go somewhere else or come back later to enroll
  • Payment re­­minders – multiple emails and the ability to set up a calendar or text reminder
  • A secure payment experience in line with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and validated by a PCI level 1 rating
  • Convenience – fits your customers’ schedule with many ways to pay and access their account

How did customers pay in 2018?

There were increases across the board in all the ways that your customers paid in 2018. The biggest increases were in Pay by Text (up 89%) and payments made from a cell phone or tablet (up 62%), both of which more than ­doubled. Phone (IVR), POS (Point of Sale) and Kiosk usage increased by 33%, 29% and 19%, respectively. Online Bank Direct (payments made through customer’s bank) grew by 68%.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of us for a year well grown. 2019 promises to be another year of growth in both customer engagement and product development.