Offering an Automated Phone Service Can Boost Adoption

When ready to pay a bill, customers are likely to choose the most convenient and easiest payment method for them at that moment. By providing multiple ways to pay, billers can help improve electronic payment adoption as well as customer satisfaction. One solution that has been growing in popularity is our automated pay by phone service, also known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which has led to some of our billers seeing more than a 50% increase in electronic payment adoption.IVR-large-utility

With IVR, customers can enjoy the convenience of checking an account balance or making a payment by phone 24/7 without utilizing your existing staff resources. Customers simply call into your designated phone number, follow the prompts and receive a payment confirmation number. The service is also available in Spanish. As far as reporting, IVR payment transactions show in your Invoice Cloud Biller Portal.

If you don’t already have an IVR solution, here are three reasons to consider it:

1) It’s another way for customers to pay (or check a balance)
2) It’s easy to add to your existing Invoice Cloud service with no cost to set it up
3) It reduces the number of customer phone calls to your office about balances and payments

To find out more, contact Kevin Moon at 781-353-2416 or [email protected].