Easier Access to Training Videos Now Available

Invoice Cloud is excited to announce the availability of our training videos in your Biller Portal! In addition to The Biller Experience and The Customer Experience videos, we have added training videos on the Invoice Cloud Products: Cloud Store, the Data Pump, Real-Time Data Refresh and Online Bank Direct. In addition, you’ll find quick and convenient How To videos on: Account Linking, Custom Reporting and How to Register for Pay by Text. This list will continue to grow as we add new topics.

To access the videos, please follow these steps:

  1. In your Biller Portal, click Support then Training Videos.
  2. Our two most popular videos, The Biller Experience and The Customer Experience, can be accessed by clicking on them. After selecting the desired eLearning, enter some basic information, select Continue and the training videos will open and begin playing.
  3. Additional product training can be found by expanding the Products menu:
  4. Short instructional videos are located under the How to menu:

These training videos (eLearnings) are available to view anytime, at your own pace and can be revisited as often as needed. After selecting the desired video and entering some basic information, the video will open and begin playing. If you are not able to finish it, close out the window and just click on the link when you are ready to continue watching. You will have the option to resume where you left off or start from the beginning. Please use the Chrome browser for best viewing results.

Course Descriptions

The Customer Experience: See the entire customer experience using Invoice Cloud’s software. This is a great first course and recommended to be taken prior to the Biller Experience training.
The Biller Experience: Learn how to use the Biller Portal to manage customer and payment information. This session will cover administrative functions for the Biller Portal. It is recommended to take the Customer Experience prior to this session.
Reconciliation: Learn how to reconcile using Invoice Cloud reports against your bank statements. It is recommended that this class be taken after attending the Biller Experience training.
Online Bank Direct: Learn how Online Bank Direct matches electronic checks with customer invoices, reducing manual effort on your part.
Real Time Data Refresh (RTDR): Learn the steps associated with RTDR as well as the seven actions that trigger RTDR. You will also learn how to check history and how to troubleshoot errors.
Data Pump: Understand the function of the Data Pump and learn how to troubleshoot any errors that may occur.
Cloud Pay: Learn all about cloud payments, how to locate your cloud payments in the Biller Portal and how to reconcile your cloud payments with your bank deposits.
Cloud Store: Learn how cloud store payments offer solutions for billers. This training reviews how payments can be accepted through the Customer Portal as well as the Biller Portal and reviews all cloud store payment reports.
Account Linking: This video shows users how to group accounts under one login in the Customer Portal. Your customers can also view this video from the Customer Portal.
How to Register for Pay by Text: This video shows users how to register for Pay by Text. Your customers can also view this video from the Customer Portal.
Custom Reporting: This short 3-minute video shows you how to create custom reporting, access specially developed reporting and have them delivered to the desired email addresses.