Safety Tips for Traveling with Your Devices

Published 9/8/22

You’re going on your big once-in-a-lifetime vacation this fall, or maybe just a business trip (remember those). Here are some tips to help keep you safe and avoid unexpected issues.

  1. If you are going to one of the tech risky countries consider bringing a temporary cell phone, you know you always wanted to say “my burner phone” in a conversation, but now you can! You can find a list of those countries online
  2. Get a travel plan for your cell phone if you are not going to a risky country so you can use your data plan instead of unsecured public WiFi networks. You can also use a personal VPN to encrypt all traffic from your devices if you must you local WiFi networks
  3. Do not plug your phone into USB charging kiosks, use your own voltage converter and USB cable
  4. Most converters only convert the plug types so that you can plug in your US plug into say the UK power outlets, it does not convert the power in any way. The good news is many devices such as your cell phone or laptop charger can handle the international voltage but you will need to research the standard voltage of your destination and look on your chargers to see if they are rated for it
  5. If you cannot bring your devices with you, then lock them in the hotel safe. If you are doing AirBNB  or similar setup then find a place to hide them where nobody would look (don’t put your tech devices in the freezer, it might be good for money but not sensitive electronics)
  6. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you are not using them, this saves battery life as well as reduces your devices attack surface
  7. Verify that your anti-malware software is active and up-to-date

Have a great time and record lots of memories, and this includes business trips, they can be fun too!