Training: Live or On-demand

Did you know that InvoiceCloud offers several live, instructor-led training sessions each week?
Whether you are new to InvoiceCloud, onboarding new staff, or just need a refresher, these sessions are offered weekly and include topics such as:  

  • Marketing Best Practices – outlines proven steps for effective communication and demoes the Marketing Resource Center 
  • Customer Experience –  provides overviews of both the insurance and government and utilities customer portals  
  • The Biller Experience – an introduction to the Biller Portal  
  • Reconciliation – using reports to reconcile bank statements 

To attend one of these sessions enroll using this link. 

Each of these sessions is also available as a pre-recorded video on your Biller Portal under Support>Training>Training Videos – enabling you to view on-demand anytime your schedule permits. Plus – InvoiceCloud is pleased to now offer closed captioning for our training videos. To view captioning, press the CC closed captioning logo in the play bar of each video.  

This folder on the Biller Portal also contains many other how-to videos that are easy to understand and follow along.  

Next time you are in the portal, why not take a look to see what videos might be helpful to you and your team?