Utilize Your Customer Welcome Kit as a Payment Tool

Published 10/6/22

Because of those moving in and out of your service area, your customer base is constantly changing. New customers may take some time to get up to speed and are prone to paying in person or may even miss a payment. One way to boost your e-adoption results is to ensure all new customers are equipped with the information they need. To educate new customers as quickly as possible, we recommend providing a new customer welcome kit.

What are the benefits of a new customer welcome kit?

New customer welcome kits serve multiple purposes. They’re the perfect vehicle to welcome customers in your service area and provide a great first impression. They also ensure new customers are equipped with the information that they need, such as important community resources and ways to make payments.

Five items to include in your new customer welcome kit:

  • A welcome letter – A letter welcoming the new customer to the area or your services helps provide a great first impression.
  • How to enroll in your services – If needed, include information about how to sign up for your services. You could also include some of the how-to sheets for enrolling in InvoiceCloud features in your welcome kit. You can find these in our Marketing Resource Center.
  • An insert with payment option information – Use one of the inserts from our Marketing Resource Center to provide new customers with payment information so they’re educated on their payment options available to them.
  • Your most recent newsletter (if applicable) – If you send out a periodic newsletter, include a copy of the most recent edition in your welcome kit.
  • Promotional material such as branded pens, notepads, or magnets – If you have any branded promotional material, we recommend including those items as well.

Whether you hand out packets when new customers come into the office or it’s a packet that’s mailed to your customers, it’s important to include payment information on how they can pay any relevant invoices. Providing new customers with a welcome package can help customers choose convenient electronic payment options right away.

You can find several collateral templates promoting electronic payments in the Marketing Resource Center that would work well in your new customer welcome kit.  A popular customizable template with our billers is the Full Page Insert – 3 Key Benefits, but there are many others to choose from that would be great to include.

If you need access to our new Marketing Resource Center, please email us at [email protected].