Invoice Cloud is the leading electronic bill presentment and payment partner for forward thinking utilities looking to increase the speed and volume of collections, reduce customer service workload and improve security.

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Local Government

We handle all types of payments for things like taxes, parking violations, court and police feeds, permits, clerks, schools fees, and more. With the ability to fund different bank accounts for each payment type, we support both invoice-free payments and multiple invoice sources.

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By allowing customers to manage their own accounts and pay online, we’re the right choice for forward thinking, customer facing hospitals and healthcare providers looking to improve collections and reduce costs.

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Our simple self-service tools give you the competitive edge by allowing customers to auto-renew policies, view and manage bills, and make payments online or by phone.

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Consumer Finance

By transforming the online bill presentment and payment experience for customers, innovative loan servicing companies can leverage Invoice Cloud to reduce late payments and loan defaults while saving money.

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We make member and donor renewal and enrollment easy by taking the paper out of the process and simplifying payments. As the leading platform for electronic bill payment and presentment, we integrate with any member management, fundraising or donor management system. Designed to improve enrollment, renewals, self-service and collections, we drastically reduce mailing and labor costs.

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