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Invoice Cloud improves the speed and volume of collections, while reducing Customer Service workloads by shifting customers to self-service.

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  • Simple, highest adopting e-payment service with fully self-serve Paperless Program
    • Customers pay how they want, when they want
    • Web, Mobile, IVR, Kiosks, e-checks, Credit/Debit Cards
    • Point of Service (POS) and mobile POS
  • Secure, double encryption (patent pending) provides super secure storage of sensitive info
    • Completely eliminates PCI burden for Clients and Partners
  • Your own branded customer portal built into the solution
  • AutoPay, Pay by Text and scheduled payment sign ups – all self service
  • Customer communications engine sends out multiple, friendly reminders
    • Only to those with a balance due
    • Email and SMS text
    • Courtesy email notifications (caregivers/custodians, husband/wife.)
  • Automatic account linking for customers with multiple accounts, includes linking of different bill types in single customer view
  • Easy “to the penny” reconciliation


  • Pure SaaS model means you are always on the latest version – it’s like owning a car that stays perpetually new!
  • Viewing and single payment of multiple, and different, bills with a ‘consolidated’ view
  • Fully mobile optimized with Pay by Text
  • One Time Pay with NO registration needed
  • Single payment capability for multiple bills and multiple bill types
  • Tightly integrated with billing software
  • Support for all local government payments, not just invoice based payments (ex. parking violations, court and police fees, permits, clerk, school fees, etc.)


"Since implementing the Invoice Cloud service last April, the number of online tax payments [received] has increased by 90%."

Claudia Fuentes, Treasurer
Marion County, IN

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