How to use your phone’s messaging system to drive online payment adoption

Published 11/3/22

Your business likely receives thousands of customer phone calls every year. With so many calls, it’s nearly impossible for front-line staff to answer all calls immediately. This means many of your customers will be listening to your on-hold messaging, making your phone system a potentially powerful marketing tool.

How to use your phone’s messaging system to drive online payment adoption:

Typically, businesses use on-hold messaging to greet the customer and occupy time until a representative can answer the phone call. While this is certainly better than nothing, this valuable time could be used for much more effective messaging.

Here are a few ways you can update your phone system’s messaging to increase your customers’ adoption of online payments and features:

  • Redirect customers looking to make payments: Many customers calling your business are simply looking to make a payment. Let your phone’s messaging system guide them towards electronic payments instead.
    • Example: To make a bill payment 24/7, please visit or call our automated payment system at 555-555-5555.
  • Educate customers on the value of online payments: Some customers may need a bit of convincing to use the online payments or features available to them. Your phone’s messaging system can be a great tool to promote these services.
    • Example: Save time by registering for online payments! Get started today at
  • Promote convenient online payment features: Encourage more customers to enroll in any under-utilized features (such as AutoPay, Pay by Text, or paperless billing) by promoting them with your phone’s on-hold messaging.
    • Example: Never miss another payment by enrolling in AutoPay. Sign up today at

To increase effectiveness, make sure you also add promotional communication to your after-hours messaging as well.

For more ideas on promotional statements that could be used in your phone system’s on-hold messaging, check out our Sample Bill Messages document located in our Marketing Resource Center. If you need access to our new Marketing Resource Center, please email us at [email protected].