Training Makes a Difference

Training? I just don’t have time! It’s a common refrain that we’ve all either thought or said out loud. From the minute we wake up until we power down for the day, nearly every moment is filled with something, and that makes us view training as a luxury, not a necessity. So, we keep moving it down to the bottom of the “to do” list. And somehow, it never seems to get done.

But what if we told you that attending training can save you time in the long run? Think about this… 68% of the cases submitted to InvoiceCloud in the month of April were submitted by organizations that didn’t attend training. What if increasing product knowledge across your organization could save time spent on opening and monitoring cases?

There will be situations where opening a case is unavoidable, like when you need to change a behind-the-scenes setting or to report an outage or product issue. When it concerns helping your customers, knowing how to do something, or where to find something, training can be a quick and easy solution. It doesn’t cost a thing except a little bit of your time!

Here’s what some of our customers have said about their experience attending our training:

  • “Thank you so much for the detailed training. With being new on how InvoiceCloud is going to work, this presentation has answered a lot of my questions.”
  • “I found it very informative. I will attend future sessions. Appreciate the handouts. Will refer to it often. Thank You.”
  • “The trainer showed many examples, which was extremely helpful (especially if we are the ones who will have to teach this to our other representatives)- great work!”

The InvoiceCloud Training Team’s job is to increase our customers’ knowledge about the product and use it to its fullest extent. Our goal is to help you better help your customers and save you time.

Our training is always free. You can register for an instructor-led session here.

Access our recorded training directly from your Biller Portal by following these steps: