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We help accelerate collections, improve security, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Customers move seamlessly from paper to paperless. Simplicity of design coupled with tight billing software integration, enables real time balances and real time posting of payments. If a customer uses the system once, they are more than 90% likely to continue using it in the future, creating unprecedented adoption levels.

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Invoice Cloud lets your customers pay when they want, how they want and where they want. It’s all about choices.

  • Pay online, by text, or phone
  • KIOSKS add convenient, low cost payment activity at bottleneck locations
  • Self-service ‘Go Paperless’ program
  • AutoPay, Scheduled Payments, FlexPay for budget payments
  • Biller Branded Customer Portal looks like your web site, making Customers comfortable
  • Built in email and SMS Text Engine improves Customer communications

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We’ve specialized in online payments and bill presentment from day one.

We partner with forward thinking, best of breed companies in multiple industries who agree that doing one thing really well is hard enough.

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We want to work with you!

Partnering with Invoice Cloud increases your revenue, extends your solution, increases client retention and makes your clients’ customers happier. Which will make you happier.

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It’s no accident. We were conceived by experienced payment professionals and custom built to support simple, industry leading payment and bill presentment solutions. And it shows.

Here’s a view of several of our dedicated leaders.

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